Covercraft Bras & Masks

Covercraft bras (also called car masks, front end masks) are designed to withstand the harshest elements of the road without compromising the design of your car. We carry Covercraft bras for all makes and models – just choose from the options below!

Covercraft Bras – ‘MM’ Series

MM Series Covercraft Bras still allow the hood of the vehicle to open.The Covercraft MM series bras are designed to allow the hood of the vehicle to open with the mask in place. For maximum protection you can’t beat a full front mask. They cover the bumper area (some truck models do not cover the bumper, to allow for installation of lights, grille guards, etc.) and the leading portion of the hood area. MM Series masks are a little more difficult to install, since the hood piece is separate and must be lined up with the fender area mask for a good installation. But the finished product is worth the effort! We usually screen radiator openings because we feel it’s important to protect the maximum front area possible. Some applications, like Firebirds and some Corvette models, have the hood opening so far back that a hood piece isn’t required.

Covercraft Bras – ‘M’ SeriesCovercraft Car Bra, M Series. This is the classic, one-piece version of the car bra.

The Covercraft M series bras are the classic version of the Covercraft bra. Car bras were originally designed as one-piece units, for easy installation and maximum protection. This made them easy to use at the factory test track. Over the years mask design has evolved into the two-piece style, but we still have some patterns for older specialty vehicles that are in the one-piece design.