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Covercraft car covers are tested and approved by the world’s leading car manufacturers. From our stocks of over 40,000 individual patterns, we mean it when we say, “whatever car you have, Covercraft’s got it covered.” Covercraft car covers are tailor-made to fit precisely and they are elasticized front and back for easy use. Other features include double lapped, reinforced seams for strength and shape retention. All of our covers can be secured with a lock & cable guard system.


Covercraft Car Cover Fabrics

Sunbrella®  – The ultimate fabric for intense sun environments.

Thanks to its unique construction process Sunbrella provides protection, and years of service, in intense sun areas, like Arizona and other areas of the sun-belt, where UV rays will rapidly degrade the paint and interior.   Because of the use of acrylic fibers, which are naturally UV resistant, Sunbrella has long been the recognized leader in long-wearing marine fabrics for bimni tops, sail covers and deck enclosures.  Besides marine uses, Sunbrella is also used for commercial awnings due to it’s ability in providing UV blockage with a rich, woven finish.  The acrylic fibers are solution dyed, before the fabric is woven, to assure the color goes all the way through the fabric.  Using a special finish process, the material is then softened for use as a Covercraft car cover fabric.  The fabric is exceptionally strong and coupled with it’s UV resistance it also makes an excellent cover for RV’s and trailers that spend extended time stored outside.

  • Long Lasting Strength – Acrylic fibers suffer minimal loss of strength from exposure to heat, moisture and UV.
  • Fade Resistant – Colors are a result of pigments which are actually built into the fibers (solution dyed), instead of just dying the finished fabric.
  • Water Resistant – Treated for moisture resistance (but remember, this material is primarily for UV protection).
  • Rot, Mildew Resistant – Acrylic fibers resist growth that occurs in moist environments.
  • 6 -Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty*
  • Material colors – Pacific Blue (D1), Sky Blue (D2), Cadet Gray (D4), Jet Black (D5), Toast (D6)

WeatherShield® HP-The Ultimate all-weather fabric just got better!

How can you make a fabric that’s been selected as an OE choice for luxury, high-performance and specialty vehicles and motorcycles better? The worldwide patented EPIC by Nextec® finish helps shed moisture and stops dust, dirt and tree sap from reaching your vehicles finish.  The fabric “breathes” to allow moisture, condensation and heat to easily escape from under the cover.  The encapsulation technology goes INSIDE the fabric, around the fibers, resulting in a silky smooth finish that glides over fine paint finishes. 

Nextec engineers have now married solution-dyed fibers to the EPIC finish in an environmentally friendly process that features much lower CO2 emissions!  Also called “dope-dyeing” the high-performance polyamide fibers require no dyeing after weaving, saving water and energy consumption and slashing wastewater, a byproduct of traditional surface dye processing.  Using solution-dyed fibers can save as much as 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced!

Color permanency is the key to our new WeatherShield®HP – the color is extruded INSIDE the fibers for maximum fade resistance, NOT a surface dye coating.  The result is a cover that’s provides all-weather protection, machine washable, fade resistant AND environmentally friendly!  WeatherShield®HP is available in eight (8) colors and you can order your cover in single or two color combinations.

4-Year Manufacturer Limited Warrany*

WeatherShield® now has a “big brother”…..WeatherShield HD

Developed primarily for intense sun environments and long-term storage, WeatherShield HD not only provides UV opacity, it repels water, blocks dust, tree sap and bird droppings, and is still breathable to allow moisture and heat to escape from under the cover.

The base material for WeatherShield HD is woven by Glen Raven Mills (makers of Sunbrella®), using solution dyed UV resistant polyester fibers (see insert below to learn why solution dyed fabrics are better – courtesy of Glen Raven Mills).  Not only is the fabric solution dyed, the 300 denier construction is 40% heavier than regular WeatherShield and the heavier denier thread provides double the tear and tensile strength.

This superior base fabric is then finished with a patented immersion encapsulation process…the same high performance finish used on our popular WeatherShield fabric.  Using proprietary processes a specially formulated finish is placed inside the fabric to bond to each individual thread and fill the valleys between the woven fibers (see close-up at left).   These special formulas have amazing elasticity to block moisture and dirt, while still maintaining the breathability of the fabric.

Who needs WeatherShield HD?  People who live in intense sun climates and along the coast will benefit most from this new fabric, plus RV owners looking for the best cover for long-term storage.  It’s not as compact as regular WeatherShield, and the heavier denier fibers aren’t as silky-smooth, but for maximum performance in the harshest environments you can’t beat WeatherShield HD.

6 – Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty*

Ultra’tect™  – A great fabric at a great price.

Ultra’tect was developed from the need for a cover that would retain it’s color and strength during extended outdoor exposure, while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection at a reasonable price.  Ultra’tect is made from solution-dyed WeatherMax® SL fabric with the following features and benefits:

  • Fade Resistant – The color is added to the polymer be it is extruded into yarn form for maximum fade resistance. (each fiber is a solid color, NOT surfaced dyed.)
  • Superior Shape Retention – Fabrics are resistant to sagging because the fibers are designed to have minimal stretch.
  • Strong – Using double 150 denier yarns in both the machine and cross direction (2/150’s MD & CD) helps provide higher strength and better water resistance than using single 300 denier yarns.
  • Luxurious “Hand” – The weave gives Ultra’tect covers more durability and dimensional stability with a luxurious hand or “feel”.
  • Water Resistant – A highly water-repellent HydroMax finish on BOTH sides of the fabric helps protect against rain, while maintaining the fabric’s breathability.
  • Excellent UV Protection – Ideal for applications that are subject to prolonged sun exposure and extreme elements.
  • Easy to Use – Ultra’tect’s fabric weight is “just right” for everyday use…heavy enough to stay in place and light enough to easily handle on a day-to-day basis.
  • Easy to Clean – Most mid-size vehicle covers can be cleaned in a home washer and dryer.
  • 5 – Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty*
  • Choose from four (4) colors

NOAH®  –  A great value for outdoor protection.

NOAH barrier fabric actually stops water, yet it “breathes” to allow any trapped moisture, seam seepage or condensation to easily evaporate.  The unique construction process (patent pending) results in a cover with maximum all-weather protection…highly water resistant, dust resistant, UV resistant and breathable to make sure moisture and/or heat don’t stay under the cover.  Made in the U.S. by Kimberly-Clark, the fabric weighs only 4.75 oz./sq. yd., so it’s easy to handle and fold.

Protective Outer Layers – A bi-component spunbond, using sheath-core technology.  The inner core is polypropylene for strength, with a polyethylene wrap for softness.  A silver-gray color was selected because of its heat-resistant properties.  The fabric is also treated with UV inhibitors for extended outdoor use.

Micro-Porous Middle Layer – The barrier layer is breathable film, a proprietary stretch-film technology developed exclusively for Kimberly-Clark.  The film is stretched and subjected to a chemical process that creates microscopic holes smaller than droplets of water or dust, yet large enough to allow moisture vapor to escape.

Soft, Paint-Protecting Inner Layer – A bi-component fabric made with polyethylene and nylon.  This combination results in an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, with the “soft touch” necessary for today’s water-based paint finishes.

4 – Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty*

Material color available – Silver-Gray

Evolution® – Covercraft’s most popular custom cover fabric…

Technalon® covers, made with Kimberly-Clark’s Evolution® 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric, provide maximum protection in all weather conditions.  Often imitated, but never equaled, U.S. made Evolution fabric covers are used by millions of satisfied car enthusiasts around the world.

Recent improvements include a stronger outer layer and softer inner layer.  The inner layer is constructed with similar processes used for our Dustop™ interior storage covers – gentle protection for fine paint finishes (inner layer is now light gray).  Through extensive testing in Florida K-C has confirmed Evolution has the highest UPF rating of all their non-woven fabrics.  This is important because UV rays are what damage both the exterior AND interior of any vehicle.  Block the UV rays – protect the vehicle!

Naturally Moisture Resistant – Acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings will not harm the fabric.

Dries Easily – Moisture is not absorbed by the fabric fibers.

  • Breathable – Allows air to circulate through the fabric.
  • Dust / Pollution Barrier – The two middle layers of melt-blown fabric act as a filtration barrier against most airborne pollutants.
  • Impact Absorption – 4-layer thickness absorbs impacts better than any other vehicle cover fabric to help protect the finish from nicks, dings, dents and scratches
  • 4 – Year Manufacturer Warranty*
  • Material colors available – Blue, Gray or Tan

Reflec’tect™ -lightweight sun protection

  • Woven fabric has a UV-reflective silver-colored finish that helps keep the vehicle cooler
  • Fabric is water resistant and also repels dust and dirt to help keep the vehicle clean
  • Compact for easy trunk storage
  • 3 Year Warranty*
  • Material Color Grey

Easy to handle for installation and removal, this lightweight cover provides good all season protection.

Block-It®–IT 380 Deluxe

380 Series fabric is Kimberly-Clark’s newest film barrier fabric, offering great performance at a competitive price.  At 3.2 ounces per square yard it’s about half the weight of the popular high-performance NOAH® fabric.  The three-layer construction uses inner and outer layers of spunbond, sandwiching a middle layer protective film barrier.  The film barrier has microscopic holes, smaller than droplets of water (and most dust particles) to stop moisture, but still allow any moisture vapor or heat to easily escape from under the cover.

  • Naturally Moisture Resistant – Acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings will not harm the fabric.
  • Breathable – Air easily circulates through the fabric to help it dry quickly and reduce heat build-up under cover.
  • Dust / Pollution Barrier – The middle barrier layer acts as a filtration barrier against most airborne pollutants.
  • Easy To Use – Won’t shrink or stretch and retains it’s tailored shape.
  • 3 – Year Limited Warranty*
  • Material color available – Taupe (fabric code TT)

Block-It®-200 Series / Multibond® Fabric 

Kimberly-Clark developed BLOCK-IT 200 Series fabric to be a mid-price leader in quality and performance.  It uses 3-layer polypropylene construction for moisture and dust resistance, and the fibers are treated for extra UV resistance.   If you are looking for an inexpensive cover for indoor storage and limited outdoor use, this U.S. made fabric offers good, basic protection and is an excellent value.

  • Lightweight – Easy to use and less bulky for compact storage
  • Soft & Non-Abrasive – Will not scratch clean paint or clear-coat.
  • Breathable – Allows moisture and condensation to evaporate.
  • Moisture, Mold & UV Resistant – Polypropylene fibers are naturally moisture resistant and treated for extra UV protection.
  • Good Dust Protection – When used indoors, keeps vehicle cleaner than most woven fabrics.
  • 2 – Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty*
  • Material color available – Gray

Form-Fit™  – Our most LUXURIOUS indoor cover…

Designed for cars that are not daily drivers, Covercraft’s new Form-Fit covers provide a body-hugging fit AND a super soft inside to pamper fine paint finishes.

We start with an outer shell of woven polyester that has Lycra/Spandex® added to the yarns to provide STRETCH and memory – the stretch provides the body-hugging fit and the memory assures the cover will retain its shape over an extended period of time (they have a 4-year warranty).

The inside fibers are 100% cotton terry loop which is sheared to a fleece-like finish.  The end result is a 7.4 oz sq. yd. material that has a great “hand”, or feel.

This cover will provide some ding & dent protection for a garage parked vehicle and the fabric is highly breathable to prevent vapor and heat from becoming trapped under the cover.  Form-Fit covers are available in six (6) colors.

Since these covers require special patterns, applications are limited.  Check for availability.  Covers are supplied complete with a matching fabric storage bag.

4 – Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty*

Dustop™- Maximum dust protection for indoor storage

Made in the U.S., by Kimberly-Clark, this flannel-like fabric is a 4-layer non-woven composite, ultrasonically laminated to provide a high degree of dust protection during inside storage, while remaining breathable and soft against any fine paint finish.  Maximum dust protection, yet it’s lighter and easier to handle, compared to traditional woven fabrics.

  • Soft But Strong Outer Layers – The two top layers are constructed of a polypropylene / polyethylene composite spunbond.  These layers take advantage of the best features of both polymers: the superior softness of polyethylene, with the strength and stability of polypropylene.
  • Dust Barrier – A melt-blown polypropylene layer serves as a barrier to most dust, dirt and pollution.  Dustop’s multi-layer construction provides substantially better dust protection when compared to traditional woven, single layer fabrics.
  • Softest, Paint Protecting Inner Layer – The high-loft polypropylene / polyethylene inner layer pampers and protects the vehicle’s finish.  (These are the same materials designed by Kimberly-Clark for some of their softest baby diaper applications, and if it’s soft enough for a baby’s skin you know it’s soft against the vehicle finish.)
  • 4 – Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty*
  • Material color available – Taupe

Tan Flannel – Flannel Lining with Dust Protection

Favored by traditional enthusiast, tan flannel always provides a soft touch to pamper fine paint finishes.  Designed primarily for indoor storage use, this woven cover is constructed from a durable polycotton blend.

  • Flannel Underside – Soft, napped finish.
  • Long Wearing – Over 50% heavier than our gray polycotton fabric.
  • Breathable – Allows moisture to evaporate and will not trap heat under cover.
  • Water Resistant – Treated for moisture repellency.
  • Rot, Mildew Resistant – Treated to resist rot and mildew.
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty*
  • Material color available – Tan

* Warranties cover defects in workmanship and/or the fabric becoming unserviceable during normal use.  Covercraft will repair or replace, to the original purchaser, after required inspection.