Truck Cab Covers/Interior Covers

Truck Cab CoversCustom Truck Cab Covers – Protect the entire cab area from heat, sun and snow with our custom fit truck cab covers.  Custom-patterned for a perfect fit, cab area covers fit between the cab and pickup bed.  Since it’s not a full size cover, it’s easy to store, but still protects the interior from damaging UV rays.

Convertible Interior CoversInterior Covers – Easy-to-use protection for convertibles when the top is down. Interior covers protect the windshield and interior from UV rays, airborne pollutants and droppings from trees and birds.Installation is easy, with hook & loop straps for door handles and/or mirrors and most include anti-theft tabs that are secured inside the trunk lid.  These covers are great for summer use and are compact for easy storage. A full cover is always the best answer, but for protection on quick trips interior covers do the job.


Hardtop CoversHardtop Covers – When the weather is great, and the hardtop is stored in the garage for the summer, here’s a way to protect both the inside and outside while it’s not in use.  The cover uses hook & loop fasteners to attach the outer and inner portions of the cover together and it can be used with most hoists that are used to remove hardtops.